Today’s class was the first of the month, which means we switch instructors.  Sensei Frank takes a back seat and I take over the teaching duties for the month. For the past few months we’ve taken the students through a few different things, giving them a taste of many techniques and challenging them to find what is the same below the surface.  We spent a couple months working mostly tai chi, and then another couple of months working mostly sword.  Now it is time to recoup and digest.  I don’t feel it’s wise to go on loading them up with new things constantly, lest they forget and wind up with nothing.  Instead, I like to load them up for a while, and then pause to reflect.  Reflection can be an important tool for seeing your own growth and making sense of everything that’s happening.

Integral Theory QuadrantsSo it went today.  We spent a good 40 minutes just talking.  I went over the basics of Integral Theory with them, covering the idea of quadrants.  (For more information on this, look at the picture or head to the front page and look at the blog posts there.)  I do find that when trying to teach classes based on Integral Theory that the theory often gets lost in the action.  We do do do, and we do not take enough time yet to just understand and be.  So, we took that time today at the beginning of the month, and as the month progresses, I will reinforce that as we work through our basics.