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Integral Martial Arts: A deeper look at the Red Stage

Coming out of the previous Purple Stage, aka the Tribal Stage, of martial arts practice, the student begins to wonder about individual power and skill when pit against other foes. Whereas the Purple Stage focuses on a group of students and its master teacher, the Red Stage focuses on what the student can and cannot do, and how the student’s abilities relate to the wider adversarial world.

Red Stage martial arts practice is ubiquitous throughout the world in every culture and time period and naturally arises out of Purple. Those of us who lived through the 1980’s may remember a great example of a Red martial arts school from the movie The Karate Kid, the Cobra Kai.… Read more...

Expanding your “We”

Fortunately or unfortunately as it may be, I am in the process of getting a job that will take me away from regular teaching of the martial arts, and has been keeping me away from blogging here over the last month.  I have high hopes for the job which is similar in function to being a Sensei to martial arts students, but it instead involves another arena.

Having said that, I will be getting back to the dojo here and there and teaching intermittently.  This past week I had that luxury.  The class spent the last few months working on first quadrant (i.e.… Read more...

Progress from two perspectives

When thinking of someone who studies martial arts, the average lay person immediately asks “what belt”?  Belts have become (since the 1950’s or so) a prominent way to mark advancement in the martial arts, but in reality what a belt shows is how far a person has advanced in a tiny set of requirements in a tiny arena accepted by a tiny group of people.  Unless of course the school is part of a larger organization.  Then substitute the word “tiny” with something else.

Nevertheless, for the tiny world that is our Integral Martial Arts class, belts signify how far you are in the curriculum which includes progression in gross, subtle, and causal elements.  … Read more...

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